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Red Flags for Elementary Teachers

RedFlags-2ED-3D-WebVision & Neurodevelopmental Issues that
Interfere with Reading & What To Do About Them

School and Visual-Motor Performances are Linked.

About 10 million children have difficulties learning to read. If a child cannot see 100% efficiently, it is logical that the child cannot learn 100% of what he or she might otherwise. In one test 51% of children who passed an eye chart screening still had vision problems that affected their ability to perform at their full potential in the classroom.

Come with Katie Johnson into her world, helping kids who struggle with learning to read. Katie shares her experience, offers class-tested activities that just might take your kids with struggles closer to success! Now there is hope for teachers wanting to help these special kids. Katie's 46 years as a primary teacher and 15 years of hands on practice of these methods in the classroom allows her to paint a shining portrait of every child's potential when she presents: What I See; What I Do; and What I've Learned.

Every Child Counts, Every Teacher Can Make A Difference!

Katie Johnson

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ISBN: 978-0-9858933-4-7
172 Pages

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