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From England to Jamestown

Lucy Hall, a child from Devonshire, England, finds herself alone after the deaths of her mother and her grandmother. But she is no orphan. Her father had set sail to Jamestowne months earlier, one of the first settlers to travel to the New World.

Desperate to escape a neighbor who wants her placed in an orphanage, Lucy hears about The Prosperity, a ship about to sail to the new colony. Girls are not allowed in Jamestowne, but this fails to deter young Lucy. Not knowing whether her father even survived the journey, she devises a way to gain passage despite the restriction. Her determination to undertake such a daunting journey will endear this spirited young girl to readers of all ages.

Riding on the thrilling tide of the 400-year anniversary of Jamestowne’s founding, From England to Jamestowne captures the wonderful spirit of adventure that drove early settlers across the sea in search of freedom and new horizons and inspires modern-day readers to remember their courageous examples.



England to Jamestowne


From England to Jamestown
A Journey to Find My Father
List Price: $9.95
Publisher's Price: $7.95
Trade paper
128 pages
June, 2007

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