By the Way

This book is about self-defense, meditation and life.
The author stepped into his first dojo (enlightened hall/karate school) at the ripe age of nine and never stopped seeking the truth of the matter. This story begins with a young, insecure boy’s perception of life, including his fears and uncertainty, and evolves into a young man’s perception of the deeper truths of martial arts, as he uses his new insights to overcome trials along the way.


Chris has trained with many martial artists, some great fighters, even champions, but fight skills are just a piece of the puzzle. He believe all training must enhance one's personal daily life or it’s a waste of time.

Chris writes to encourage all learning, the evolving of self-knowledge, finding a way to open one's heart to the views and insights of others along the way and finding your own spirit. Chris has included chapters on everything from striking, tactics, grappling, and strategies to poems and short stories of life struggles. Each chapter is essential to the book as a whole. If a student attempts to develop one part without the rest, they do a disservice to themselves. As interconnected parts, the chapters work together: some for mind, some for body, others for spirit. This also holds true for the universal laws of nature. This book is one step at the beginning of the path. Many steps remain.

By the Way
Above and Beyond Martial Arts
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190 pages, Index
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