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Long's Peak

9780976825913-frontlg-72dpiIt's a Story and a Climbing Guide

The Newly Released Centennial Edition of the classic guide to climbing Longs Peak, first published in 1946. Includes geology, history, a guide to climbing the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, climbing history and statistics, with a topographic map of the Longs Peak trail on the back cover. Convenient 6" x 9" size fits in your pack to carry up the trail. This new edition revised and updated to 2015 by Stan Adamson, editor of the 9th -11th editions.

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ISBN 978-09768259-1-3


96 Pages

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Winning the Energy Wars

9780983158769 web

A Sustainable Energy Plan for America's Future
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by Dr. R. Paul Williamson
6 x 9, Trade Paper, 296 pages
Paperback $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9831587-6-9
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America is addicted to energy. This author shows his dedication to move Americans from Energy users to Energy thinkers and advert the crisis looming on the horizon. Our country’s energy resource inventory is identified and classified and the US energy infrastructure’s viability is categorized to serve a revitalized energy future. Cost and effect scenarios are detailed where America’s energy addiction is played out. The Author presents a detailed, implementable, plan with a new leadership scenario through the creation of the Governors National Sustainable Energy Council and the funding model to make it all happen. 

About the Author

Dr. R. Paul Williamson,  is a passionate advocate for alternative energy. He is the real deal. His broad-reaching insights come through on every page of his book. Williamson has taken common sense energy principles and made them accessible, practical, and if implemented, they embrace the strong probability of leading a nation to a sustainable future. His experience, advice, and sustainable energy plan is straightforward. His plain-talk approach is inviting to the reader while presenting material that is solid and implementable for today and the future generations of our nation.
Williamson earned his bachelors and masters’ degrees from the University of South Dakota and his doctorate degree from West Virginia University in Technology Education. He brings to his work a broad diversity and a lifetime of educational services.

The Encyclopedia of Odic Geophysics

Hidden in Plain Sight

Odic Energy in the World Around Us
Volume 1: Ignis Fatuus and Mysterious Lights

If Odic Energy is...
the energy of consciousness (it is)
and medicinal energy (it is)
and the paranormal (it is)
Where can you see it in the world around us?

The reader will discover...
  • How unseen orb and vortex images appear on photographs.
  • What the wide variety of odic phenomena beyond orbs and vortex.
  • Where dozens of locations odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • When the history of how our myopic science has gone so wrong, so long without recognizing this universal, but subtle energy.
  • Where dozens of locations where odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • Why the complete explanation of odic physics and how it fits in with modern physics.

83% of the matter in the Universe is “dark”—it doesn’t emit photons we can see, but it is gravitational. Dark matter is argued to be in the odic-state, emitting odic radiation that we cannot see.


Dean Baldwin
Science/New Age
6 x 9, 450 pages, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9831587-2-1 Publisher's Price $34.95

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Win the Race of Life

with balance and Passion at 180 MPH
Nadine Lajoie
Publication Date, October 2011
SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
4.5 x 6.75, 224 pages, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9822394-7-6

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Earning more than 50 podium placements in male-dominated motorcycle competitions (including a 3rd place at Daytona in 2007), Nadine Lajoie ranked among the Top 10 winners of the National WERA Championship. Nadine “IN-Powers” others to overcome their fears and RACE toward their dreams.

Win the Race of Life
blends adrenaline, power and success with life lessons. Nadine’s story reveals the deep emotion and connectivity discovered in her personal growth journey and demonstrates that success is possible for anyone willing to open their heart and journey toward their “In-Power.” With motorcycle racing for strong analogy, Nadine melts real-life, inspirational story-telling with self-help exercises. The result is that readers recognize their own dreams and power, which motivates them to care more strongly for themselves and achieve their goals.

The Message

Truly inspiring, Nadine’s story helps you realize that you can accomplish anything — if you take action, “one corner at a time.” By sharing Nadine’s life journey, you will open your heart, IN-POWER yourself, and discover your personal strategy for winning the race of your life! You can do it at 180 MPH, with the balance and passion of a champion: You!


Win the Race of Life Author garners Honorable Mention at the 2011 London Book Festival!

Nadine Lajoie's inspirational book, Win the Race of Life, receives an honorable mention in the Wild Card category at the 2011 London Book Festival that honors the BEST of International Publishing.

More information about the awards can be found here: www.londonbookfestival.com

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Walking the Tiger's Path

paulnautcoverA Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq

by Paul M. Kendel
Publication Date, April 2011
RELIGION / Buddhism / General
RELIGION / Spirituality
MILITARY / Veterans
6 x 9, 320 pages
Paperback, Photos
ISBN: 978-0-9841543-5-7
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Paul M. Kendel (SSG Ret.) deployed with his National Guard unit out of Georgia to Iraq in 2005 hoping to use his knowledge of that land to bridge the gap between American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. However, the realities of war crushed his idealism when his buddies began dying at the hands of the enemy six weeks after their arrival. Eventually, his ongoing concern for the Iraqi people alienated some of his comrades, and he felt the sting of growing conflict within himself.

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Turning to the books on Buddhist teachings he had brought with him,
he found solace in the written words, but he longed for more. On a whim, he
emailed Shambhala International & requested assistance. An unexpected response & ongoing support from Buddhist teacher & meditation instructor Margot Neuman helped him to retain a sane & humble humanity in a situation that often plummeted into lethal insanity.

This book addresses the horrors of war from an extraordinary human perspective. SSG. Kendel did not lose his compassion in the face of grave risk, nor did he endanger fellow soldiers while he remained true to himself—rare feats in our violent world.

What People are Saying

Sergeant Kendel has shown great conviction while faced with the brutality of human aggression, constantly using compassion and a meditative mind. He was therefore on the front line of applying contemplative discipline. This book reveals that extraordinary journey.

—Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Author
Turning the Mind Into an Ally and Ruling Your World

Amid the chaos and horror of war, this soldier has discovered a profound truth: if we want suffering to lessen, the first step is learning that keeping the cycle of aggression going doesn’t help.”
—From Practicing Peace in Times of War, by Pema Chodron

Buddhism is well known for its emphasis on non-violence. Less known, but as important for our modern age, is its wisdom on how to meet and transform the poison of violence, no matter how egregious. Paul Kendel discovered these teachings, not in a classroom or as bedside reading, but on the battlefield of Iraq in 2005 where he put them into action with jaw-dropping gentleness, intelligence, and courage.

Whether you're about to deploy to a foreign country or are simply searching for real tools to deal with the fear, anger, and violence within and around you, this book provides a vivid and courageous guide to changing your world.

—Susan Piver, Author
The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

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