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Elephant Walk

Since the beginning of time, mankind has looked to the animal kingdom for insight into the tools of survival. Elephant Walk gives you an interesting and entertaining glimpse into the world of African elephants, and what makes them the lords of the jungle. Businesses that emulate those attributes can be empowered to take the lead in their marketplace. Sustained profitability is the result of balancing business performance with brand strategy for the long haul.


You Will Learn HOW TO:

  • Coordinate every aspect of your business to create a
    sustainable brand
  • Increase profits by aligning all human and operational resources with the brand promise
  • Enhance customer perception and brand loyalty
  • Truly differentiate your business in the marketplace through customer-focused brand strategies
  • Increase employee retention and performance
  • Reduce wasted spending and lost time due to brand inefficiency
Elephant Walk

Challenges businesses face:

  • Leaders often lack understanding of the role of the brand—
    it’s way more than a logo
  • Operating performance metrics often fail to measure the actual customer experience
  • Poor alignment with the brand promise results in wasted time
    and money
  • Focusing on the vendor community, not the customer community, weakens perceived value and customer loyalty.

Who should read this book?
Business owners • Corporate executives • Chief
marketing officers • Branding Leaders • and You...

Elephant Walk
Balancing Business Performance and
Brand Strategy for the Long Haul

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190 pages, Index
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Patrick Smyth has 30 years of senior executive business
experience including strategic brand development initiatives at several large corporations. Born and raised in South Africa, he personally experienced elephants up close and personal.  He has creatively shared some of those experiences in this book and created an interesting and at times amusing analogy for business leaders. For more information, please visit www.innovationhabitude.com




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