Boann's Daughter

Delve into matters of magic and miracles, power and perversion, and the fine line that separates them.

Boann’s Daughters is the tale of a twelve hundred-year-old
conspiracy. Liora, the scion of two ancient magical bloodlines,
has no notion that she has been watched all her life. Nor does
she realize that her stubborn refusal to acknowledge her power
endangers everything and everyone she loves. When she and
her dearest friend, Effe, stumble into a web of castle intrigue
they awaken dark forces that have simmered since the birth
of the new church. Pursued by evil she does not comprehend,
Liora › flees to the holy isles of Scotland. Marooned in a sea
cave, she must master a lifetime of learning and muster the
courage to face a sorceress driven by bloodlust—all before the
coming of spring. š The legacy of Lorcan’s Bane continues in this
story of magic, myth and mayhem.



Boann's Daughter
a tale of magic, myth and mayhem

Kitty Roxanne Connell
7 x 8.5, 376 pages, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9831587-0-7
Publisher's Price $19.95

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