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Play for Keeps

Sandy Stockings has been having a lot of great days lately. After a tough few months in middle school, she’s found a best friend, the guy she likes seems to like her back, and she’s finally pursuing her dream of being an actress. She even gets the pet she’s always wanted for Christmas.

But Sandy’s been hearing—and believing—a lot of negative stuff for a long time. So it’s not easy for her to learn to trust others…or herself. She’s not sure she deserves all the wonderful things that are happening.

To have even more Best Days Ever, Sandy must summon all of her resources - the guidance of caring adults, the joy of loyal friends, her own creativity, and, of course, her constant companion, Asher the Bee – to listen to the voice deep inside her, the one that may be her father’s but just may be her own. In the latest in her “Sagas,” Sandy has a story to tell readers of all ages about growing brave enough to love, to trust…and to “fly free!”

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Sandy Stockings Saga
Play for Keeps


John Jacobs
with Daniel Jacobs

List Price $9.95
Publisher's Price $7.95
Trade Paperback
128 pages

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