I Wanna Be

I Wanna Be...takes readers on an inspiring journey with a lovable heroine and lessons in bee-coming whom ever we dream of bee-ing!
Sandy Stocking is having a tough year, and sixth grade has only begun! She feels like the smallest person in the world, especially in her new middle school where the school bully hates her guts. Her home is not refuge either. Her father passed away a few years ago, and now all the life seems to have gone out of her mother too. Sandy is as lonely as can be, left only with vague dreams of being an actress like her mother once was. But when she finds a special, mysterious book about a lonely bee named Asher, Sandy is able to make some changes in her life so she can begin to be who she is meant to be.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Sandy Stockings Foundation to help people fulfill their dreams.

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SS1-I Wanna Be
CIPA EVVY Award Bronze

Bronze Award

Sandy Stockings Saga
I Wanna Be


John Jacobs
with Daniel Jacobs

List Price $9.95
Publisher's Price $7.95
Trade Paperback
128 pages

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