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Navigating the I.T. Minefield

Nearly half of all small companies that lose business-critical data in a disaster do not reopen after the loss.

90% of those who do are out of business within two years.*


Many small businesses are between a rock and a hard place. They depend upon computers, networks, and the internet, yet small business owners are often unaware of risks associated with IT.

Leslie Knight highlights the hidden dangers and provides solutions that are easy to understand and implement. The absence of “techno-speak” makes this book the perfect resource for those who want to invest their time in growing their business, not learning the ins and outs of computer technology.

Navigating the IT Minefield

Navigating the IT Minefield will help you:
  • Discover the “blind spots” that expose your business to unnecessary risks.
  • Effectively communicate your business requirements to IT experts.
  • Protect your systems and proprietary information.
  • Develop strategies to plan for and manage system breakdowns,
    so they don’t bury your business.

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Leslie Knight is the founder of Knight Performance Management, a company focused on improving performance and decreasing costs through effective strategy integration and implementation, and team development.

She applies over 20 years of experience planning and managing Information Technology at Fortune 500 Companies saving them millions of dollars to her work with small enterprise entrepreneurs.
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* November 2006 , CPA Technology Advisor,
The Most Uncommon Common Disasters.







Navigating the IT Minefield
Straight Talk for the Small Enterprise


Leslie Knight

Publisher's Price $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9822394-9-0
Trade Paper


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