Tendril Press Honored at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) today announced the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award honorees. Contributors to this year's list of honorees include the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter, actor Jim Carrey, musician Art Garfunkel, and author Garrison Keillor.  Learn more...


Our Fiction collection's imaginative and inspirational works tell tales of human culture--The people, places, and events that define humanity. Why Fiction

We generally define “fiction” as a literary creation based on imagination rather than fact. However, the word derives from an ancient Latin root that means “to make by shaping.” So it is that fiction, in the guise of allegories and parables, is commonly used by spiritual masters to direct their cultures toward enlightenment. The bible is filled with such fables. Campfire teachings of aboriginal wise ones also relied on the power of myth to convey essential precepts to their students.

Surely, the shaping of society would be better accomplished through serious discourse than via flights of fancy.

Or would it? You see fiction’s power lies in its implausibility. In order to engage in a fictional tale, we must first suspend our culturally imposed assumptions of what is true. Thereafter, we listen with unfettered ears. We see through untrammeled eyes. And our hearts embrace possibilities that are otherwise unthinkable when perceived through the limitations of fact-based “reality.” Thus unhindered, the human soul is free to peruse the extraordinary.

It’s no wonder, then, that our most heroic aspirations spring from this medium of conscious disbelief… that our greatest inventions come from the realms of “what if”… and our highest visions for humanity often begin with “once upon a time.” Dare I suggest that today’s fiction may be tomorrow’s promise?

Award Winning Author
— Kitty Roxanna Connell

 9780985893378 WebWhen the Music Stops
Paddy Eger
The Story Continues in When the Music Stops — Dance On. Marta's life: Part Two. Marta struggles to regain her ability to dance.  Learn more
16.95 (Paperback)
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84ribbonsStore84 Ribbons
Paddy Eger
The Debut novel by award-winning author Paddy Eger.
A young dancer realizes her life long dream, if only for a while. Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)
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The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian
Michelle Wachbrit
Run away… run away and hide! the voice in her head screamed. Summoning every ounce of power and courage Mienya possessed, she manipulated her own energy to flare around her.  Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)
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Lorcan's BaneLorcan's Bane: a tale of peril & the right use of magic
Kitty Roxanna Connell
Eight hundred years ago and half a world away, Mirren gives little thought to the new religion. She is a healer and mystic for whom magic is the natural result of her kinship with Earth Learn more

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Cries of a Dying NationCries of a Dying Nation
Paula Szabo
The nations of Atlantis prepare for the impending arrival of the warrior race from Anu. Forewarned by the spiritual beings that protect and guide the world of Gaia Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)
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Gift of the Lotus FlowerGift of the Lotus Flower
Paula Szabo
The Saga of the last thirty years of Atlantis continues as the temple children enter into the awkwardness and insecurity of adolescence. The nations of Gaia have grown desperate Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)
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