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Cries of a Dying Nation

The nations of Atlantis prepare for the impending arrival of the warrior race from Anu. Forewarned by the spiritual beings that protect and guide the world of Gaia, they prepare through the creation of four underground cities and the birth of twelve children born with exceptional gifts. The children will face the horrors of a world gone mad as they grow and learn to use these gifts as a circle, and will be shown the destiny of the world to come should they fail the purpose for which they were born.

The Atlantis series is a haunting tale of prophecy that begins in the death throws of our world’s first civilization and carries us through the pages of our history to a time in the near future.

Born of events seen and recorded through the gift of spiritual vision, the last thirty years of this ancient civilization comes alive in a captivating, yet inspirational story of survival. It is a tale woven through the pages of our past, filled with timeless lessons of wisdom and courage, ultimately leading the reader to transverse the veil between what has been and what is yet to be and challenging them to see the world today as they have never seen it before.

In a book filled with warlords and warriors, mythical beings, and endearing but very human heroes, this story will appeal to all readers of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and New Age.

Cries of a Dying Nation
Atlantis Volume I
Paula Zabo
Publisher's Price: $16.95
Trade paperback
300 pgs
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