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The Magic of Life Series

Mommy Magic


The Magic of Life

Mommy Magic

Adria Manary
Street Date, February 2011
Publication Date, April 2011
6 x 9, 224 pages, Trade
ISBN 978-0-9831587-9-0
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A genuine and powerful blend of inspiration, personal stories, encouraging words, thoughtful advice and fun is what the readers can expect in The Magic of Life Series flagship book "Mommy Magic." When sometimes you feel so exhausted with getting up at 2am when you went to sleep just three hours before, know that you are not alone in your exhaustion, triumphs, fears, good days and bad. Find ways to connect with your children and re-connect with your mommy side and individual side. A perfect gift and guide for the new hero-mom and the veteran hero-mom, Mommy Magic will make your eyes sparkle and your soul sing with up lifting poetry and so true anecdotes.


Enjoy the stories told. Learn your own super powers. Discover the unique magic that each mother holds.


FOREWORD by Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Box.

All parents should read this amazing book! It’s filled with compassion, love, insight, and practical tips that you can use every day. I love it!
— Mark Victor Hansen,
#1 Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

As the mother of a one-year-old little girl, I have read many, many books on parenting. Your book, Mommy Magic, is by far the most touching and  idea-filled book that I have come across.
— Variny, Alexandria, VA


I believe it takes a mommy magician to raise kids these days! Mommy Magic offers hundreds of ways to create an enchanting world for our children while constantly highlighting the most important gift any parent can give—the magic of love.
— Jacqueline Stallone, Author, Astrologer, Sylvester’s mom

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