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The Dao of Donuts

“The Dao of Donuts” can be described as Krispy Kremes for a hungry woman’s soul. Berny Dohrman  Author, Visionary, Founder and Chairman of CEO Space calls it a “hug in a book”. It is the first bite in a banquet of books to inspire, uplift, and empower the reader to follow her personal path of divinity. It is a celebration of women and our shared experience.

In many cultures from the time of birth men are taught their worth and women are taught their place. This mindset contributes to rampant abuse in our societies and homes through out the world. In order to change this mentality, we must first start with ourselves. The Dao of Donuts is a call for each of us to define and declare our  worth. We must take responsibility for our lives; we must be the best example of how others should treat us.

Who is the book for? Women who have lost their “self”; who are wondering where they are in the equation of wife, mother, daughter and or professional. It’s for sisters who if asked to list people who are important to them, don’t even think to include  themselves on the list. It’s for men who love and honor women and the important role we play in the spiritual evolution of this planet. It is for anyone who is yearning for permission to be worthy of their existence and to live their dreams. This book is for you.

The Dao of Donuts
Defining Our Worth as Women
Maile Andrus-Price
Publisher's Price: $14.95
Trade Paper— pages
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