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As a young woman Nadine Lajoie experienced setbacks, emotions, and disappointments that would stop most young women in their tracks. But Nadine’s dreams were big enough to lure her forward. Fueled by deep inner resilience, Nadine stayed the course and held on to her dream of a life with purpose and passion. Today, a champion motorcycle racer, Nadine has captured international attention as an inspirational speaker, life coach, and successful entrepreneur.

A series of bone-crushing injuries playing championship volleyball in Canada, and a stream of ensuing personal disappointments, the young Nadine found herself at the edge of suicide. In the midst of deep sadness, Nadine found a way to reach inside herself for the power needed to choose life and live it to the fullest. Today, Nadine teaches others to “in-power” themselves through an artful combination of introspection, musicality, and action, people renew their own life force. Spirited and courageous, Nadine Lajoie lives up to her name while teaching others how to live life at 180 MPH and capture the joy in every moment!

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