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32 Tips That Could Save Your Life

This book was created because of my serious concern about the consequences of our ever increasing neglect of the health of our families, especially the next generation, and our planet. We simply cannot continue to allow excessive toxic pollution of our air, food, water, homes, schools and workplaces. Let’s make some changes and give our newborns and everyone else a fighting chance.

We have increasing numbers of illnesses that never existed before, including ADHD, ADD, arthritis, autism, bipolar illness, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, infertility, Alzheimer’s, neuromuscular diseases etc. At times, all of these medical problems can be solely caused by exposures in our environment.

This book was written specifically to help you personally make your own little nests safer and more secure for yourself and your loved ones.

We must strive to find faster, easier, safer, more inexpensive and more effective ways to treat illnesses.We can make better choices, but only if we are informed.


The answer to many medical problems is not another overpriced toxic drug, even if it is covered by medical insurance. The answer is to find and eliminate the cause. If you have a nail in your shoe, the treatment is not a bigger bandage, but to pull out the nail. This book will help you find the “nails” in your environment and explain why it is so essential for you to make a few significant changes in your lifestyle.

Please, read with resolve to make your personal nest more environmentally safe for the well being of yourself and those you love.

32 Tips That Could Save Your Life
Fast Easy Answers: Figure Out Exactly What Is Making You Sick

Dr. Doris Rapp

ISBN: 978-0-9841543-0-2
Out of Print



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