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Maile Andrus-Price is a RN, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to assist others to reconnect with their worth and advance themselves on their path of divinity. Her products promote spiritual well being.Maile was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved back to Hawaii with her family at the age of two. Her most cherished time is spent with family and friends. She loves to cook and to eat - on both the physical and spiritual level. The spiritual equivalent of cooking is creating material for her books, workshops, audios and dvds.  The spiritual equivalent to eating? Connecting on a soulular level, discussing matters of  consciousness, personal evolution and growth.

Her passion is assisting others to reconnect with their divine worth. Maile focuses on working with women, as she believes they are the architects of society.

Every person born to this world comes through a woman.  We are all nurtured and taught by women.  Maile's vision and mission is for each woman to know her worth. With this knowing will come a universal credence that every person on the earth is deserving of love and respect, thus raising the consciousness of our planet and literally making it better place to live; free of war, hunger and poverty.

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