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The Encyclopedia of Odic Geophysics

Hidden in Plain Sight

Odic Energy in the World Around Us
Volume 1: Ignis Fatuus and Mysterious Lights

If Odic Energy is...
the energy of consciousness (it is)
and medicinal energy (it is)
and the paranormal (it is)
Where can you see it in the world around us?

The reader will discover...
  • How unseen orb and vortex images appear on photographs.
  • What the wide variety of odic phenomena beyond orbs and vortex.
  • Where dozens of locations odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • When the history of how our myopic science has gone so wrong, so long without recognizing this universal, but subtle energy.
  • Where dozens of locations where odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • Why the complete explanation of odic physics and how it fits in with modern physics.

83% of the matter in the Universe is “dark”—it doesn’t emit photons we can see, but it is gravitational. Dark matter is argued to be in the odic-state, emitting odic radiation that we cannot see.


Dean Baldwin
Science/New Age
6 x 9, 450 pages, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9831587-2-1 Publisher's Price $34.95

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