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The Odic Energy

More Than 90% of the Energy and Mass in the Universe is Currently Unseen and Unexplained. Meet the energy of your consciousness. And the paranormal. And gravity. And dowsing and crop circles and healing. And 90% of the Universe.

This book describes a state of matter and energy all around us which is non-thermodynamic, non-magnetic, and non-electric. It has no electromagnetic (EM) couplings and our electronics cannot measure it. "Such a material, which does not have EM couplings, would naturally be dark today." (Lawrence Krauss)

But the odic world is not dark. We have met the odic detector and it is us, under the right conditions. "Here are your choices in a sentence: Is the non-electric form of energy which comprises 90% of the Universe completely new and unknown forms of matter and energy, or is the non-electric form based on baryonic matter with a metamorphosis of the form of electric charge?" (Page 307)

Odic (Oh'- dic) energy was studied by Karl von Reichenbach 150 years ago but was disregarded by a Science entranced by electric energy and

confused by odyle. Odyle is usually overwhelmed by the strength of the electric quantum state of matter. This book explains the odic quantum state all around us in modern terms and relates it to many previously unexplained - "paranormal" - phenomena. For example, most of the Universe shines in light of the odic radiation spectrum, the same radiation we use in ESP and telepathy.

The author combines a wide-ranging formal education in Physics, a degree in Psychology (emphasis in physiology), and broad reading in the paranormal. This book is the culmination of a life-long quest to find the meet-point of Physics and human consciousness. The result of this search is the rediscovery and modern explanation of odic energy and its place in the Universe.

Dean Baldwin has created the non-profit Odic Energy Research Institute and solicits reader cooperation to continue the odic research which Academic Science will not and cannot conduct.

The Odic EnergyCVR-3D4x5-72
The Odic Energy
Physics of Consciousness and
the Paranormal, Auras, ESP,
Telepathy and Anti-Gravity

Dean Baldwin
Odic Energy Institute

Publishers Price: $29.95
Trade Paper
360 pgs
31 Photograph & Charts
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