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Odic Energy in Acupuncture, Qi, and Energy Medicine

 Nature appears to have delegated different internal signals for different purposes, with transmission speed a key variable. This book emphasizes the variable speed and finds that normal axonal transmission covers the middle speed range. The fastest signal is electric, seen in acupuncture and investigated by Robert O. Becker and James Oschman, among others. Hormonal signals are at the slowest end of the speed spectrum. Odic signaling is both non-electric and slower than axonal transmission, an ideal combination for mediating consciousness, some energy medicine, and acupuncture polarity effects such as qi, yin/yang and octahedral theory. The feats of Qi Gong masters with both internal and external qi are described as effects of dual polarity odic flux in this second book of the odic trilogy.
Odic Energy
in Acupuncture, Qi,
and Energy Medicine


Dean Baldwin
Odic Energy Institute

List Price: $6.95
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Trade Paper
360 pgs

31 Photograph & Charts
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