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Educating America Reviews

Read what Angela Watson has to say about Educating America

Angela Watson, from The Cornerstone, featured Educating America in her website article Volunteers and Aides. Here is an excerpt of what she had to say:


One of the most remarkable things about this book is that its advice applies equally well to teachers, parents, volunteers, para-professionals, and other classroom assistants (the first part of the book contains more general strategies, with separate chapters written “mostly” for each type of classroom worker.) Educating America tackles tricky topics from setting expectations to monitoring student progress. The advice goes far beyond common sense stuff and provides genuinely useful tips that you can tell are effective in real classrooms.


You can read the full article here.

Adults who use this book find success when they step into classrooms. Having adults working with teachers builds a positive bridge among school, community and home.
— Phil S., Principal and Educational Consultant

This book has helped my classroom assistants be more effective working with small groups. It is beneficial to the kids, the assistants and also the teacher!
— Nanette P., Grade 3 Teacher


Educating America provides valuable information for adult volunteer training and staff development."
— Marilyn M-I. Grade 6-8 Teacher and Educational Consultant


The ideas presented in this book give assistants valuable tools to use when working with students. Everyone benefits from the talents and expertise shared by adult volunteers.
— Claudia B., Principal

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