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Tamara J. Buchan

Author of Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You!

tweb homeTamara Buchan has many different identities: wife, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, pastor, neighbor, author, but she has found that her true identity comes from a place of being adopted by a loving Father into his family and discovering that she lives in a royal family where she is being taught to reign. She describes many of her experiences in her book: Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You!, as her relationship with God has opened up her mind, her spirit and her life into a place of great fulfillment and wonderful adventure.

Tamara is married to Bill, and they have three adult children, all in varying stages of discovering their true identity and leaving their mark on the world. Their oldest daughter, Heather, is a nurse who lives in London. Their middle daughter, Bonnie, is in midwifery school, pursuing her passion for the poor, mothers and babies. Their youngest daughter, Molly, just graduated from college and is preparing to become an actuary. They also have a lovable dog, Nicki, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who isn't sure what her true identity is: often she thinks she is a human!

Tamara's faith has been the key to bringing her an identity that is solid and has given her the ability and courage to walk through many different challenges. These challenges have actually helped her to develop an even stronger identity foundation, and now she spends her time helping others to develop an identity that is based on the truth of who God says we are, not how the world or ourselves define us.

Tamara describes in the book how her life has taken many unexpected turns, which at the time, felt challenging but she now realizes has led her into a place of great meaning and a fulfilling life. She ended up discovering that she had a leadership gift when she began to follow Jesus. She had been a small, insecure child that was much more of a follower than a leader, but after she met Jesus, people began to follow her and she was often surprised when she turned around and found people behind her seeking to follow her vision.

Her first ministry position was as a children's director in a large church. She loved leading the children's ministry; it was where her kids life stage, she loved teaching the children, leading the volunteers and discovering creative ways to help equip families and children to become committed Jesus followers. However, there came a point where the ministry was interrupted because Tamara had been hearing God call her to go to seminary and she wasn't following that call.

As she went through the challenging process of leaving her church position and following God into the unknown world of seminary, she quickly discovered that her identity was too much defined by her role in ministry. As that was dismantled, Tamara found something so much more satisfying: being the beloved daughter of her heavenly father. Her journey of discovery in this has been so life changing that she has written Identity Crisis; recognizing that all of us struggle to find and live our true identity. Once we do, however, we are able to step into the abundant life that Jesus promises.

Tamara had several job offers coming out of seminary, but she chose to turn all of them down and start a ministry called the Journey Project. The purpose of the JP was to help people discover how God had created them, what their true identity was, and then to help equip them to walk out their life purpose in ways that would bring hope into the world.

While pastor of the Journey Project, Tamara wrote an Advent book called "The Christmas Lamb." This 40 day family devotional was foundational for Tamara and Bill's faith life with their children.

Tamara was only able to lead the JP for 18 months before her husband Bill's company was sold. He was immediately given a job offer to work in Seattle. Tamara was given faith to know that God had an important role for her to play in Seattle, and within a week of moving there, she had been called to Pine Lake Covenant Church as an equipping pastor to adults.

One of Tamara's greatest passions is to help people discover the truth about themselves from a Scriptural perspective. However, she doesn't just teach people the truth of God's heart for us as his children; she helps them enter into the experience of God's love which forever changes us.

While a pastor at Pine Lake Covenant in Sammamish, WA, Tamara wrote a healing prayer curriculum and started a ministry of healing prayer. As people realized what Jesus had died to give them, they began to become healed and were then able to reach out to help others become free. People have come from near and far to become equipped as healing prayer ministers so that they also can walk in health and freedom, and help pray for others to do the same.

Five years after coming to Pine Lake Covenant, Tamara was called by the leadership team to start a new church. It was in that call that Missio Lux was birthed. Missio Lux means mission of light, it exists to experience and share the freedom and hope that Jesus offers everyone. Freedom comes through experiencing the father's love and building a foundation of identity of being God's child with whom he is well pleased. Just as he spoke his pleasure to Jesus for being his son, God speaks it to us as well: we are his beloved children in whom he takes great delight.

The call to start Missio Lux was given very supernaturally. At one point, Tamara was at a church conference in Chicago, and she went running to her car one day at lunch because she knew that the Spirit was calling her to birth something new. As she sat sobbing in her car, she heard a whisper, "You don't believe that I am going to do this, do you?" She said, "No, I don't." But, the Lord told her, "Watch and see what I do." Within four months and many supernatural events later, the Leadership Team of Pine Lake Covenant gave her the call to plant.

Missio Lux focuses on helping people to know God, love others and serve the world. They are committed to raising up passionate disciples who know who they are and the heavenly purpose for which they were created. Their vehicle for discipleship is called "huddle" where they intentionally ask the question, "What is God saying?" and "How am I responding?" A large part of huddle is spent on building the solid foundation of identity; and as this happens, significant breakthrough takes place in people's lives.

Tamara's hope is that Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You! will help everyone who reads it to discover their god-given identity which will give them the foundation to move towards living the purpose for which they were created. The reflection questions and experiences are designed to take the reader deeper into the discovery; the learning process will take place at a much deeper level. A teen and children's version is also in the works.

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