Tendril Press Honored at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) today announced the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award honorees. Contributors to this year's list of honorees include the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter, actor Jim Carrey, musician Art Garfunkel, and author Garrison Keillor.  Learn more...

John Jacobs

John Jacobs

Born in Portsmouth, Ohio, John Jacobs was both the youngest and middle child in his family. For eight years, he was the youngest of three children, but then, within fourteen months, two other siblings arrived, making him the middle child. Three years after his father passed away, his mother remarried, and her new husband brought ten children to the family! Aside from losing his bedroom when the two clans joined, John enjoyed a  great life with his family.

John graduated from Ohio University in 1972 with a degree in Education. He taught elementary school for five years while earning his Masters degree in reading and learning disability from Purdue University. In 1977, John took a leave of absence from teaching to pursue his administrator’s license with the intention to become an elementary school principal. He never formally returned to the educational field.

John worked twenty-five years with a Fortune 500 company until, at the age of fifty, he decided to follow another dream, owning his own company. He started Sataria. Today, John and his sister have grown Sataria to be a very successful warehouse, distribution and packaging company.

John's wife Ramona is Growing her business Pino Gelato based out of Hilton head SC. Ramona’s business is exploding and she currently has  licensed store operations at the Charlotte Airport, Chattanooga Tennessee, Dublin Ohio, Fairfax Virginia and Pittsburgh PA.

While running Sataria, John is pursuing yet another dream. As a passionate “wannabe” writer and motivational speaker, he helps people gain confidence in themselves. John believes that everyone has what it takes to succeed when they have someone to mentor, motivate, and believe in them.


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