Tendril Press Honored at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) today announced the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award honorees. Contributors to this year's list of honorees include the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter, actor Jim Carrey, musician Art Garfunkel, and author Garrison Keillor.  Learn more...

New Releases

9780983158769 galleryWinning the Energy Wars: A Sustainable Energy Plan for America's Future
R. Paul Williamson
America is addicted to energy. This author shows his dedication to move Americans from Energy users to Energy thinkers and advert the crisis looming on the horizon. Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

preorder imageIdentity Crisis: Reclaim the True You
Tamara J. Buchan

Do you know that you are a loved child, an heir, of the king and creator of the universe? How does this identity shape how you live your life each day? Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

WTTP_galleryWalking the Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq
Paul M. Kendel (SSG Ret.)
Paul Kendel deployed with his National Guard unit out of Georgia to Iraq in 2005 hoping to use his knowledge of that land to bridge the gap between American soldiers & Iraqi civilians. Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

Oliver-galleryOliver the Overachiever
Karin Mesa
From the moment he hatched, in a flowerpot high above the ground, Oliver Anole saw the world as a journey of adventures and games. Learn more
$21.95 (Hardcover)

EAgallery101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms
Paddy Eger
From kindergarten to high school graduation is a scant twelve years. We often forget how short and how very important these years are and that every American’s future is effected Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

Win-the-Race-Front-CVR-Final-300_gallery galleryWin the Race of Life: with balance and Passion at 180 MPH
Nadine Lajoie
Earning more than 50 podium placements in male-dominated motorcycle competitions (including a 3rd place at Daytona in 2007), Nadine Lajoie ranked among the Top 10 winners Learn more
$14.95 (Paperback)

The Dao of DonutsThe Dao of Donuts: Defining Our Worth as Women
Maile Andrus-Price
The Dao of Donuts can be described as Krispy Kremes for a hungry woman’s soul. Berny Dohrman Author, Visionary, Founder and Chairman of CEO Space calls it a “hug in a book”. Learn more
$14.95 (Paperback)

Mommy MagicThe Magic of Life: Mommy Magig
Adria Manary
A genuine and powerful blend of inspiration, personal stories, encouraging words, thoughtful advice and fun is what the readers can expect in Mommy Magic. Learn more
$14.95 (Paperback)

Professionally PolishedProfessionally Polished
Dallas Teague-Snider
In Professionally Polished, Teague-Snider steps outside the bounds of boring etiquette books and uses real-life blunders, both humorous and horrifying, to illustrate common mistakes Learn more
$14.95 (Paperback)

Navigating the I.T. MinefieldNavigating the I.T. Minefield
Leslie Knight
Many small businesses are between a rock and a hard place. They depend upon computers, networks, and the internet, yet small business owners are often unaware of risks Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

Elephant  WalkElephant Walk: Balancing Business Performance and Brand Strategy for the Long Haul
Patrick Smyth
Since the beginning of time, mankind has looked to the animal kingdom for insight into the tools of survival. Elephant Walk gives you an interesting and entertaining glimpse into the world Learn more
$17.95 (Paperback)

The Practical InventorThe Practical Inventor: Design Journal
Jesse Wilkinson
The Practical Inventor is a powerful, fun, and engaging kit that guides the inventor step-by-step through the SIMPLE process of developing your idea into a successful product. Learn more
$24.95 (Paperback)

The Practical InventorThe Practical Inventor: Inventor's Journal
Jesse Wilkinson
Learn more

$24.95 (Paperback)

The Price of OvulationThe Price of Ovulation
Terence Mix
What if it were possible to eliminate hundreds of thousands of birth defects worldwide every year through the use of a little pill? What if it took no more than pregnant women... Learn more
$34.95 (Paperback)

We Hold These TruthsWe Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform
Richard Cook
In We Hold These Truths, author Richard C. Cook proposes a comprehensive series of measures that would transform the debt-based monetary system into one based on the productive... Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

Peaceful, Positive RevolutionPeaceful, Positive Revolution: Economic Security for Every American
Steve Shafarman
Are you angry at or about our government? Do you think special interests have too much power? Here’s a practical plan to strengthen our democracy and take back our government Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

Sacred Sex, Sacred LifeSacred Sex, Sacred Life: 13 Secrets of Tantra
Janet Lee
In no area of life, are we so messed up as we are about sex. As a tantra teacher, counselor and Intimacy coach, I have discovered that Tantra comes closest to exploring the true gift Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

Heroes and HopeHeroes and Hope: Inspirational Themes for Challenging Times
Leon McKinney
This book is to inspire you to share your talents and unique gifts so you will become an instrument of hope in this fast-changing world, to impart a concept or two that might lift... Learn more
$24.95 (Hard Cover)

Lorcan's BaneLorcan's Bane: a tale of peril & the right use of magic
Kitty Roxanna Connell
Eight hundred years ago and half a world away, Mirren gives little thought to the new religion. She is a healer and mystic for whom magic is the natural result of her kinship with Earth Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

The Odic EnergyThe Odic Energy: Physics of Consciousness & the Paranormal Auras, ESP, Telepathy, & Anti-Gravity
Dean Baldwin
More Than 90% of the Energy and Mass in the Universe is Currently Unseen and Unexplained. Meet the energy of your consciousness. And the paranormal. Learn more
$29.95 (Paperback)

Odic Energy in AcupunctureOdic Energy in Acupuncture: Qi, and Energy Medicine
Dean Baldwin
Nature appears to have delegated different internal signals for different purposes, with transmission speed a key variable. This book emphasizes the variable speed and finds... Learn more
$6.95 (Paperback)

Odic StatesOdic States of Consciousness and Healing
Dean Baldwin
This third book of the odic trilogy is a must-read to understand how odic states of consciousness are related to other consciousness perspectives and to voluminous historical writing... Learn more
$9.95 (Paperback)

The Encyclopedia of Odic GeophysicsThe Encyclopedia of Odic Geophysics: Hidden in Plain Sight, Volume 1
Dean Baldwin
If Odic Energy is...the energy of consciousness (it is)...and medicinal energy (it is)...and the paranormal (it is)...Where can you see it in the world around us? Learn more
$34.95 (Paperback)

9780983158769 galleryThe Encyclopedia of Odic Geophysics: Hidden in Plain Sight, Volume 2
Dean Baldwin
If Odic Energy is...the energy of consciousness (it is)...and medicinal energy (it is)...and the paranormal (it is)...Where can you see it in the world around us? Learn more
$34.95 (Paperback)

Kiss Your Grass GoodbyeKiss Your Grass Goodbye: Front Yard Edition
Sarah Sutton
With increased drought conditions and water restrictions, many homeowners are choosing to let their lawns die, but do not know what to do next. People are seeking green... Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian
Michelle Wachbrit
Run away… run away and hide! the voice in her head screamed. Summoning every ounce of power and courage Mienya possessed, she manipulated her own energy to flare around her.  Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

Boann's DaughterBoann's Daughter: a tale of magic, myth & mayhem
Kitty Roxanna Connell
Delve into matters of magic and miracles, power and perversion, and the fine line that separates them. Boann’s Daughters is the tale of a twelve hundred-year-old conspiracy. Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

Cries of a Dying NationCries of a Dying Nation
Paula Szabo
The nations of Atlantis prepare for the impending arrival of the warrior race from Anu. Forewarned by the spiritual beings that protect and guide the world of Gaia Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

Gift of the Lotus FlowerGift of the Lotus Flower
Paula Szabo
The Saga of the last thirty years of Atlantis continues as the temple children enter into the awkwardness and insecurity of adolescence. The nations of Gaia have grown desperate Learn more
$16.95 (Paperback)

9780983158769 galleryTitle
Short Intro Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)

3MPH3MPH: The Adventures of One Woman's Walk Around the World
Polly Letofsky
On August 1, 1999, Polly Letofsky left her home in Vail, Colorado, and headed west. She traveled across 4 continents, 22 countries, and over 14,000 miles—by foot—to become the first American woman... Learn more
$19.95 (Paperback)